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Welcome to Highland Homes

Ben Dillard owner of Highland Homes and Dillard Home improvements has been conducting hands-on personal enriched custom design and built homes since 1983. Ben Dillard’s initial and continued friendly and interactive business style has afforded him his continued unblemished successful honest reputation.

Mission Statement

To construct custom built homes with quality materials and quality workmanship while supplying the customer with the flexibility of designing their own home to their specifications and needs. Delivering the product at a fair and reasonable affordable price. The ultimate goal is to present and maintain an atmosphere of peace and tranquility for the customer during and after the new home construction. We maintain that our duty and responsibility to our customers be professional and forthright in every stage of the building process in order to supply the customer with the objective of complete happiness and no worries. Our motto is to never jeopardize our reputations in supplying quality products and workmanship in order to save a little money and create an unhappy customer and disrupt our excellent community and customer relationship standing.

Contact us for Pricing or Questions at: 301-992-4438 or info@highlandhomesbuilder.com